Ways to Find a Qualified Doctor for ichthyosis Vulgaris

by Ethan More
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What is ichthyosis Vulgaris? This is a combination of different skin conditions, which causes the skin to dry and scale. The conditions interfere with your skin’s ability to shed dead skin cells, making your skin extremely dry and thick. The term used to refer to dehydrated and scaly skin is xerosis—a different type of ichthyosis. However, ichthyosis Vulgaris is the most common type. It is a common condition affecting at least 1 out of every 250 people. Sometimes this condition can occur in early childhood, between 2 to 5 years. 

Causes of ichthyosis Vulgaris

In some cases, Ichthyosis Vulgaris is caused by mutation of the gene that is in charge of encoding filaggrin, a protein that helps to develop your skin’s natural barrier. When your skin doesn’t have natural protection or barrier, it struggles to maintain moisture and consistent PH levels. As a result, the dehydrated skin cells become thick and hard as the child ages. Eventually, they show on the skin’s surface and become fixed scales. 

This condition can also be inherited. 


Extremely dehydrated skin causes thick and scaly skin. These are the first signs of ichthyosis Vulgaris. Some of the most affected areas include; the scalp, torso, face, and especially the cheeks and the forehead, and the extensor area of the limbs, including the shins and elbows. These symptoms aren’t there when the baby is born. They start to show around 2 months. Sometimes parents can confuse this with dry skin. 

Extreme ichthyosis Vulgaris causes the skin to crack around the affected areas, especially on the palms and soles. It causes pain and discomfort. The skin is more vulnerable, causing more irritation and drying. 

The severity of ichthyosis Vulgaris symptoms differs from one person to another. However, finding a good doctor is best when you notice any symptoms. 

Currently, there is no specific known cure for ichthyosis Vulgaris. Instead of looking for treatment, the doctor will advise on the best option to relieve the symptoms. The treatment ichthyosis vulgaris option will help to remove or lessen skin dryness and scaling. With good management and consistent exfoliation, the scaling is reduced significantly. As a result, the skin can effectively take in and then keep moisture. Consider a doctor who has the following qualities. They include:

  • Experience 

Ensure your doctor has sufficient experience. Although many skin doctors are available, you need a specialized expert to treatment ichthyosis vulgaris. The right doctor must have handled similar cases before and has a perfect track record. 

  • Methods

In addition to using a medication, find a doctor that can offer you the best products to prevent scaling and dryness. The best products help to keep the skin moisturized. 

  • Cost 

There are different doctors in this field. However, you have to visit the most reasonable one. In addition, you have to visit the doctor regularly for monitoring purposes and to check your progress. Hence, find a doctor you can afford to pay every time you visit the hospital. A good doctor will also recommend the best way you can reduce the scale.

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