Types of Visual Content Used on Gambling Sites

by Ethan More
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In a highly competitive digital world, content is the master of reeling in users onto any platform. As in any industry looking to draw in potential customers, leading gambling sites like Vulkan Vegas Slovenia have also chosen to invest in campaigns that are visually appealing to target audiences. 

Time and time again, research has shown that image-based marketing strategies are much more effective since they are more likely to evoke emotive responses. So, today, we’ll look at the most impactful types of visual content gambling sites use on their platform to engage their audiences.

High-Definition Photography

The images used in an engaging online gambling platform are critical and vary depending on the position and purpose. Some of the most compelling images that casinos use include: 

  • Promotional imagery which entails images with some lens flares and a shallow focus to generate some kind of visual identity. 
  • A landing page for a specific game or genre of games with some crisp, clear brand images to draw attention to the game(s). 
  • Banners that mimic exclusive stamps tagged on retail products whenever they are on offer or they contain something special.
  • Coupon tickets for redeeming bonuses and unlocking additional perks.

Images have been known to get more impressions by between 30% and 150% depending on the platform in use.  

Visual Calls to Action

If you have visited an online gambling platform, you will notice the strategically placed CTAs on pretty much all the pages. The call-to-actions are usually situated in positions that feel right based on the target user’s stage in the conversion funnel. The most common include the ‘Join’ or ‘Sign Up’ buttons at the top, bottom, or side of a page. 

So, most gambling sites also have the registration window pop up occasionally to increase the chances of signing up. In addition, the welcome bonus is usually added to this window to make it even more appealing. Finally, in the case of promotions, users are typically treated to floating windows that highlight any bonuses or tournaments that the user may want to claim.

Step-by-Step Tutorials

Bonuses, especially those that come with coupons, are a magnet for most users, and having a guide on how to claim them is a sure way to increase the site’s conversion rate. Giving the instructions in words won’t be as effective as applying creativity in the execution will make it more fun for the user, influencing them to engage. This may be in the form of a video or a set of images with very minimal text to avoid distracting the user. 

Some sites also use instructographics – a series of images detailing the steps needed to do something, in this case, claim an offer, enroll in a tournament, or play a game. Most images usually emulate video game graphics, making it easier for players to relate to the content and take action. Also, instead of focussing on only one photo on the page, most sites will have a slideshow of other images showing different aspects of what is on the table.


It is said that an image is like 1000 words, but in today’s digital world, videos tell it all. Borrowing from YouTube shorts and Instagram and Facebook reels, the use of videos that last less than a minute is also becoming popular in the gambling world. It could be a simple game highlight or an embedded YouTube video describing a specific aspect of the gambling site. Presenting some of the content in video format no doubt adds value to a site and beats the monotony that may arise as a result of getting bombarded with too many worlds when navigating.

There are so many factors that influence a player when it comes to selecting a casino to play. Current social media trends, which have generally reduced the attention span of most players, are also a big part of that. The overall design of a gambling site and how the developer has presented the content will go a long way in determining whether the player will keep going or get distracted by something more sophisticated. 

Every color choice, image, and video needs to be placed with the user in mind, and that’s what the most successful online casinos and sports betting sites get right. For any content marketing strategy to bring in substantial results, it has to involve an elaborate plan to include visual content. Otherwise, potential customers may get bored, or their attention may be seized by something that excites their visual senses a lot more.

Did you know that recent studies indicate that 65% of people are visual learners? Well, the fact that YouTube viewers watch over 1 billion hours of videos every day cements the importance of using visual content in marketing. Data and statistics aside, don’t you find it easy to understand the information presented with visuals rather than a block of words alone?

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