Tools you need for better patient relationship management

by Sophia Jennifer
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When you have a medical office or facility, the level of care you provide to your patients determines the success of your establishment. Although your communication and compassion are necessary for a better patient relationship, there are also important tools to utilize as technology continues to evolve. Here are a few of the top tools and resources you need for better patient relationship management.

Price Transparency Tools

Price transparency tools allow patients to avoid surprises with the cost of the services they obtain, which can make them more willing to make appointments and feel in control of the care that they receive. If you want your patients to utilize the tools, it’s necessary to make them aware that they’re available. This is also ideal for patients who are not necessarily looking to visit a medical professional that offers the lowest prices but wants to be able to trust their doctor and stay updated on the cost of the services. It helps patients to plan better when they’re aware of their out-of-pocket costs in advance.

Patient Management Software

One of the main reasons why it’s important to take advantage of patient relationship management software is because it can allow you to collect vital data that improves the level of medical care you provide. The software can also collect accurate vital data through the different medical devices that are in use.

Online Appointment Scheduling

More medical professionals are utilizing online appointment scheduling to increase patient engagement and offer a higher level of convenience. This reduces the wait times when patients call into the medical office and frees up the time of the staff. Patients can still choose to call into the office if they want to speak to the front desk or have questions. Online appointment scheduling also allows patients to schedule an appointment at any time of the day without needing to make an appointment during the business hours of the medical facility.

Patient Experience Surveys

Patient experience surveys are necessary because they can provide you with feedback that tells you what areas need improvement to increase patient satisfaction with the services they’re receiving. Utilize point-of-care surveys to ensure different care issues are quickly addressed, which can prevent your patients from switching to a different medical facility.

Surveys are effective for collecting data and don’t have to be long and outdated, which is common with surveys patients used to take after leaving the hospital. These surveys have fewer questions to ensure more patients are willing to provide feedback.

Real-time surveys are proven to be more accurate and can allow you to have better insight into patient satisfaction immediately following their visit instead of several weeks later when their answers may not be as transparent.

Virtual Waiting Rooms

Virtual waiting rooms increased in popularity during the pandemic and are useful for practicing social distancing, especially when patients are visiting you to be treated for contagious illnesses. You can give your patients the freedom to check in on their smartphones without getting out of their vehicles and receive automated messages that allow them to still remain connected to the clinic as they wait. It helps your patients remain safe and cautious without compromising on the quality of care they receive.

Your staff can stay updated on who arrives once the patients click a text message that confirms they’re ready to be seen and are physically present at the facility.

Check-in kiosks have a similar design and operation and allow patients to fill out all of their standard paperwork. You can collect the necessary information in a quick and time-efficient way, which will also be easy to access. The technology offers more convenience to the patients as forms are digitized and can also allow your staff to receive all of the necessary information that strengthens the relationship you have with your patients.

By obtaining the right tools for better patient relationship management, it can be easier to grow your facility and provide a higher level of care. Staying updated on the latest technology and tools available in the medical industry can allow you to stand out in the local area and ensure your patients are in good hands.

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