PrognoCIS vs. Acumen Software: Top Features and Benefits

by Sophia Jennifer
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PrognoCIS vs. Acumen

About Acumen EHR

Acumen, driven by Epic, combines the strengths of both enterprises to provide nephrology practices with a “best in class” solution. Providers will be able to interact with medical centers, other suppliers, nationwide pharmacy organizations, and labs on a scale that only the largest health IT network, such as Epic, can offer. While practices using Acumen EHR can also utilize Epic MyChart, Acumen will be responsible for their EMR and practice management solution, as well as support and development of nephrology-specific tools.

Acumen EHR is a web-based solution designed to assist nephrology practices in streamlining their operations. Revenue cycle management features to aid in the analysis of financial trends and the improvement of cash flow. Documentation modules allow doctors to collect accurate patient data. Allow employees to access and install files with a few mouse clicks. The dashboard can be used to manage patients with end-stage CKD.

The patient portal allows clients to make digital payments. They can also make appointments on their phones. Claim management capabilities aid in the submission of accurate claims and the increased collections. To automate operations and save time, integrate with Epic, AdvancedMD, Cerner, eClinicalWorks, and Allscripts. Your preferred dialysis center can be integrated with the Acumen nephrology system. The solution is HIPAA compliant and ONC HIT certified for 2015. To know Acumen EHR reviews and pricing, you can schedule an Acumen EHR demo. In this piece, we are going to discuss Acumen EHR benefits and features. 

About PrognoCIS EHR

Bizmatics, a startup based in Silicon Valley, California, developed PrognoCIS, an EMR software. Thanks to its interconnected nature, which links practice administration, medical documentation, and revenue management into a centralized solution, the business has progressed into a household name in the industry, with almost decades of expertise in providing digital record software for medical practices.

PrognoCIS EMR software is a medical company that was founded in the early 2000s and is suitable for medical practices and hospitals of all sizes. It has electronic medical records, practice management, and a patient portal application built in. It also offers customers specialized revenue cycle management services. Desktops, laptops, mobile phones, and iPads are all supported by the software. Meaningful Use II certified, as well as ICD-10 and HIPAA compliant, the EMR solution is available. Furthermore, because it is cloud-based, only a small investment in infrastructure and setup is needed at the moment of deployment.

To meet the needs of general practice and outpatient specialty clinical care settings, PrognoCIS offers both cloud-based and locally hosted processes. It includes configurable templates that allow doctors to customize their workflow to meet their specific needs. It includes telehealth, clinical credentialing, e-faxing, and texting and is compatible with all devices. It works in tandem with PrognoCIS EHR to provide speedy and simple billing management. In this piece, we are going to talk about the features and benefits. To know PrognoCIS EMR pricing and reviews, you can schedule a demo. 

Acumen EHR Features

Population Health Management

To enhance clinical healthcare outcomes and deliver quality care, assemble data from vaccine lists, vital signs, medications, and computerized provider order entry (CPOE).


Using SmartSets, adhere to diagnostic guidelines and documentation requirements to ensure that patients receive adequate care. To speed up the registration process, auto-populate client intake forms.

Automated Alerts

Get notifications about immunization deadlines for your patients to help minimize infection risks and ensure vaccines are delivered on time.

Patient Portal

Patients can use the MyChart portal to access lab results, X-rays, and treatment plans, as well as scheduled appointments. Create digital blood pressure diaries to assist doctors in prescribing the right medications to their patients. Use Epic’s Care Everywhere link to share client records with health care providers.

Claims Management

Filter claims by their statuses for claim monitoring and denial resolution. To accomplish a clean claims rate, automate claim processing. Determine the source of denials and refile claims within the specified timeframes.

Mobile Charge Capture

Document data such as lab results, medications, and dialysis treatment details on a mobile device, then send the monthly capitation payment information to internal billing tools to generate accurate invoices. Using mobile devices, you can access customized census lists, connect with practice partners, interact with invoicing staff, and ensure discharged clients receive follow-up care.

PrognoCIS EHR Features

Task Assignment

The billing module’s Task Assignment feature creates a thorough and user-friendly financial structure for customers.

Faster Claims Processing

Incorporated services guarantee accurate data, which is critical for claims processing. Billers can access records directly rather than contacting practitioners about claims and health records.

Provider Transparency

Doctors can look over their financial records as well as their medical records. Providers have complete control over their finances because they can check their claims/AR at any time.

Information Management

Information submission is efficient and time-saving because the integrated solution enables the automatic entry of information such as insurance, secured health information, and CPT charge codes.


The telemedicine capabilities of PrognoCIS will make your service more convenient and easier. Simply keep an eye on your patient’s health from afar and interact with them via video chat. Because of the COVID-19 emergency, the software now includes a free telemedicine module. Furthermore, the solution is HIPAA-compliant and integrates with the PrognoCIS EMR.

Acumen EHR Benefits

  • Increase revenue by using revenue cycle management modules to improve collection rates and generate precise invoices.
  • Reduce administrative burdens and eliminate duplicate entries by automating clinical processes. To protect sensitive data, give employees access permissions.
  • Enhance Patient Experiences: Make educational materials available to clients via the patient portal. Encourage patients to use their debit or credit cards to make online payments.
  • Ensure that you are in compliance: Assign precise codes, adhere to nephrology billing guidelines, and stay current on HIPAA and ICD standards. It’s CCHIT and ONC-ATCB certified.
  • Interoperability: To improve health outcomes, patients’ data is shared with other healthcare providers. Customers can use a one-time access code to authorize data transfer.

PrognoCIS EHR benefits

  • Patient Insurance Benefit: Identifies and confirms the level of eligibility and copay for patient insurance benefits quickly.
  • Clearinghouses: Collaborates with a number of clearinghouses in order to expedite payouts and settlements.
  • Manage Accounting Books: Easily unifies client accounting and insurance billing to efficiently manage accounting books.
  • Payments: Enables digital client payments and EOB/ERA processing in a quick and easy manner.
  • Customized Statements: Reports can be tailored to the practice’s specific needs.
  • Effective Billing: Establishes a communication system that is both accessible and documentable. Billers and staff do not lose track of claims, and they are always available and actionable.

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