Earn Some Passive Income With KuCoin

by Ethan More
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KuCoin is a platform launched in September 2017. Within a very short time, it becomes one of the top-rank crypto exchanges. The fast progress of KuCoin is backed by its best policies and a team of experts who work magnificently. KuCoin reinvests it’s most of its revenue to increase its growth. Several offers are running on the KuCoin site to provide the best services to new or existing users. In this post, we will talk about opportunities provided to earn some passive income with KuCoin.

Several Ways To Make Money With KuCoin

Best Perks

KuCoin provides different perks, including lending and holding KCS in return for bonuses. You can also earn passive money by lending many other stablecoins for different time frames. You will get as high as 730% on 14 days of lending. Other coins like Atom, ShibDoge, and Sol give you 

73% of the return. Leveraging is easy on the KuCoin platform and other crypto markets. To borrow and lend money, you don’t have to go through different rules and regulations. You will also get different loans without any paperwork on simple agreements.

KuCoin Affiliate Program

Most exchanges provide you with several amounts of money for a referral. However, on KuCoin, you will get a 40% trading fee when your referee does trade. This will make you a lot of money without doing anything. The affiliate bonus provided by KuCoin is separate from any other platform and plays a major role in their exchange’s success. Due to this reason, many big traders recommend this site for your daily trading.

KuCoin Content Creating Program

KuCoin is interested in attractive content that elaborates its services. Moreover, the kucoin offers its content creators the BTC giving that occurs mostly at the end of each month. This program however offers various tropics now its depends on the content creators to select their respective ones. The best content will receive 500 USD worth of bitcoins, and you can easily transfer this BTC to different coins like USTC, KCS, etc. Content creators have a chance to avail this opportunity and receive a good amount of money via this program.

Well, it is to be noted that kucoin only accepts the content in English as its an international language. The top content writers are selected at the end of the month after deep analysis. The content created with excellent performance will get the opportunity to work for KuCoin for long projects and receive KuCoin’s best content creator certification.

KuCoin also supports this content creator through its official social media platforms.


KuCoin is growing excellently. Different promotions and offers play an utmost role in KuCoin’s success. KuCoin always has special offers for new and upcoming users. You can find a lot of ways to earn money on KuCoin. This article discussed several ways to get money from the KuCoin platform. KuCoin growth is also dependent on the growth of cryptocurrency in today’s time when many big investors and institutes take an interest in this digital currency. People on a large scale have started accepting cryptocurrency and entering this trading world.

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