Al Nowras Sea Freight in UAE

by Ethan More
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If you’re looking to ship your goods from one location to another, consider using the services of Al Nowras Sea Freight in UAE. They offer custom clearance and shipping services and have been around for decades. They have developed long-term partnerships with leading companies and offer personalized customer service that rivals their competitors. They’re staffed around the clock, too, so you’ll never have to wait for help.


If you are looking for a reliable and affordable sea freight service in the UAE, then you may want to choose the Al Nowras company. This company has a strong history in the maritime industry, partnering with leading companies in the Sultanate and providing reliable services. Additionally, Al Nowras provides personal and round-the-clock customer support, making it a superior option than its competitors.

The Al Nowras company offers a diverse range of services, including air and sea freight. Its experienced staff members and extensive experience in the shipping industry help customers with every aspect of their shipping needs. As an added bonus, the company provides a variety of benefits for employees. 

Transit time

There are several benefits to using sea freight in UAE for your shipping needs. Most people don’t realize that sea freight takes a lot less time than other methods, especially when you’re shipping large amounts of goods to far-flung locations. In fact, the transit time for sea freight can often be shorter than air freight. Whether you need to ship products urgently, or have your product delivered in a hurry, Al Nowras is your best bet.

While air shipping to the UAE is often the fastest option, it is also more expensive. Shipping cargo that weighs less than 100 kg usually takes just four days. This includes air flight time, customs and security checks, consolidation and loading. The transit time for sea freight to the UAE is typically between thirty-seven and sixty-seven days, depending on the type of cargo and its destination.


The reliability of Al Nowras Sea Freight is unquestionable, and they have built a strong reputation for reliability and efficiency in the maritime industry. In addition to their long-standing relationships with leading companies in the Sultanate, they are staffed round-the-clock to provide exceptional customer service. As the leading provider of shipping and customs clearance services in the GCC, Al Nowras Sea Freight is a trusted name in the business and has a proven track record for delivering on customer expectations.

Reliability for sea freight is crucial when dealing with GCC countries. A reliable service can be a key difference between a successful shipment and a disappointing one. The global reliability index, published by Sea-Intelligence in August, is a good indicator of a carrier’s quality of service and reliability. The September report shows that Al Nowras Sea Freight reliability was at a 14-year low, while the October report shows an improvement.


One of the many benefits of Al Nowras Sea Freight is that it is faster than other means of transport. A month’s transit time is no problem for sea freight and it ensures just-in-time deliveries. In fact, many consumer and automotive goods companies have turned to sea freight for their deliveries. This method of transport is more cost effective than air freight, which is often time-consuming and prone to delays.

It is also possible to ship bulky, oversized, and heavy cargo via sea freight. These goods are referred to as breakbulk or Not-in-Trailer (NIT) loads. This cargo can range from large vehicles, equipment, and construction materials. Many shipping vessels are capable of handling very large cargo, which makes it a convenient and cost-efficient means of transport. Moreover, sea freight is faster than air freight.

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