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We recently opened our new flagship pharmacy in downtown St. Louis. We are proud to be the only pharmacy offering certified pharmacy technicians, certified pharmacy technicians, and certified pharmacy students to the state of Missouri, and we are proud to be the only pharmacy in St. Louis to award an independent accreditation for their pharmacy technicians. In addition, we are the only pharmacy in the state of Missouri to offer a full range of specialty products and services.

St. Louis is a world-class location, and we have so much more to do than just stay in and keep the locals happy. We even have our own website, which has a lot more information, but we also have a very good point-of-view. We’re definitely on to something.

As a pharmacy, you have to be thinking of a lot when you look at the website. We have a full line of specialty health products that you should always be interested in. We also have a great variety of supplements and beauty products. We really do offer a full range of services, and we’re proud to be one of the few pharmacies in the United States with an independent accreditation for their pharmacy technicians.

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