Household Historical Past, Stemp Chart 0516 Henry Stemp And Mary Hersey

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In addition to the persons we final week noticed as going house by the Admiral Cockburn, we now have to say . Widowson, late one of many brokers of the Horse Breeding Company, also goes residence by the above vessel. Return to the Colony, which we perceive is his intention, we trust he will be more fortunate, than he has been; having during his stay amongst us, suffered severely by two shipwrecks, and on one occasion practically lost his life. The evening was spent with the greatest harmony and conviviality; and the get together had been delighted with some very glorious songs given by Messrs. Widowson and Cathcart.

When you obtain it you will see it is not the piece of Plate I thought it must be as this one has been offered to a Blackfellow by name Timothy however can’t say by who, the opposite plate was introduced to a Blackfellow by the name of Jimmy by Capt Oldrey R.N. And it had the words “Bale Me Jarrad”, on it, I dont suppose I cut it up But I cannot discover it, you’ll think it foolish of me to chop this one up as I truly have but at the time I was Building a Wager Boat and wanted some peices of Brass to finish it with so that is my excuse for doing so. Also two native songs, the instrumental accompaniment being two sticks, struck one towards the opposite, the [?

Unfortunately Mrs. Brougham was unable to attend last night time, so Mr. White had the entire accountability thrown upon him of amusing the audience for an hour or two. This is a tough task for any man to undertake, and if Mr. White was not entirely profitable, he at any price showed a capacity which can make him a favourite with the appreciators of appropriate music. He is best when he accompanies himself, and could imitate Russell well. “Home, Sweet Home,” that was the name of the leisure, so we had songs from England, Ireland and Scotland, all nicely sung, nevertheless it was not such an entertainment as can be highly spoken of, even if we make allowance for the absence of Mrs. Brougham. TO SCHOOLS and PRIVATE FAMILIES – Mr. CLEMENT WHITE, late of the Theatre Royal, London, and of the Nobility’s Concerts, now gives non-public lessons in Singing, and is open, to obtain engagements from Schools and personal households.

This was settled a couple of weeks in the past by a compromise, and a contract signed, by which the whole curiosity of the opposite two partners was offered to Mr. Allan, and the arrangement was solely accredited on December 9. R. M. S. N. Co.’s Steamer Sydney, is Master Richard Baxter White, (son of Mr. George White, of King William-street), who is so favourably identified to the South Australian public, by way of his exceptional musical presents and acquirements. Master White has solely simply completed his 13th year, however his performances as a pianist and violinist are admirable, and provides uf health confidentiality statement brilliant promise of future excellence in a career, to the cultivation of which be seems totally devoted. His voyage to England is undertaken with the intention of his changing into a pupil on the Royal Academy of Music, and as he embarks under the auspices of John Hart, Esq., M.L.C., and is accompanied by a sort mom, his prospects may be considered honest and promising in no odd degree. Master White is a local of South Australia, and appears to own a teachable disposition as properly as pure capabilities.

The celebrated musicians Messrs. Woodin and Wallerstein, give considered one of their musical treats within the Royal Oak Hotel, to-morrow night. We recollect hearing Mr. Woodin in London, some years ago, and even at this hour we dwell upon the pleasure we derived from his beautiful singing and his inimitable representations of life and character. Alfred final marketed his professional companies in Bristol in April 1857, apparently nonetheless considering continuing music instructing there.

Davison made associates with most sorts and circumstances of men. If a personality seemed to offer some quaintness or originality, he quickly detected, appreciated and cultivated it. “I can stand Davison,” noticed some man of place, “but not his followers” – this in reference to some “acquainted” of the time being – most likely Clement White. “Clem” had left England to seek better luck at the Antipodes. From him, early in 1854, Davison obtained a letter, extracts from which are here made for instance the eccentricities of one of Davison’s early intimates, as nicely as to give body and form to a determine more than once noticed in these pages, and to let a contemporary ray fall on the names of a quantity of of Davison’s entourage.