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My wife is always asking me to make the appointment with her in order to help her get her vitamins, so I’m always there to help her with her medications. She’s always got some of the best vitamins in the world, and she’s always got some of the best antacids in the world.

So when a woman’s doctor is taking her to her appointments, I’m always there to help her out, too. I don’t usually run across them, but when they do, I always give my wife a quick smile and say, “I love you, honey. Your doctor is going to be here in just a few minutes.” That usually gets them all over to my office, and even sometimes gets them to the hospital, too.

Well hello there! Are you the doctor at bradford pharmacy? Im glad you asked. As you can imagine, there’s been a tremendous amount of activity for my wife and me over the past few years. We’ve had a lot of heartache, too. I’ve been a part of a lot of things that didn’t work out, and the stress of it all has been a bit painful.

This would be a very nice time to have a few people in the bradford pharmacy. Ive got a couple of questions about drugs, so I’ll let you know. Ive got some stuff on prescription and credit cards for me.

I want to know how bad your wife and I have had to deal with. Ive been on a couple of those heart wrenching trips to the emergency room. In fact, Ive been in the ER for three days! I got into that the other day in the middle of a heart attack. Ive been able to give myself a shot or two of heroin, and Ive been able to get out of the ER quicker than I expected.

In terms of your wife and I having to deal with a trip to the emergency room, that’s probably not the best example, but we’ve had others like that. We had several people call us in the middle of the night and tell us they were having a heart attack. It’s been pretty rough.

I think the good news is that heart attacks are not the only dangerous things that can happen to your heart, so you can have an ER visit for anything. For most people, getting sick in the ER is a one-time deal. But if you have a history of heart disease, or you have a family history of heart disease, or you are an athlete or someone who is overweight, then your chances of having a heart attack are much higher.

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