Astronomy Midterm 1 5 Flashcards

by Sophia Jennifer
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A) Telescopes can acquire much more light with much better angular decision. B) Telescopes can gather far more gentle with far larger magnification. C) Telescopes have far more magnification and better angular decision.

C) It allows two or extra telescopes to obtain the angular resolution of a single telescope a lot bigger than any of the person telescopes. Which of the next greatest describes why radio telescopes are generally a lot bigger in measurement than telescopes designed to collect seen light? A) Getting an image of the identical angular decision requires a much bigger telescope for radio waves than for seen mild. B) Radio telescopes are designed to gather sound somewhat than gentle. C) It is because radio telescopes are used in the daytime and visual light telescopes are used at night time. D) Objects that emit radio waves are always a lot larger than objects that emit visible light, and therefore require larger telescopes.

Which of the following just isn’t a bonus of the Hubble Space Telescope over ground-based telescopes? B) Stars don’t twinkle when noticed from area. C) It can observe infrared and ultraviolet light, as nicely as visible mild. D) It by no means has to close due to bad weather. E) Observers on the ground can use it at any time of day (i.e., not solely during their night).

7) What are the two primary causes we wish to construct bigger telescopes? If our eyes have been delicate only to X rays, the world would appear __________. The acquainted twinkling of the celebrities is brought does ups drug test package handlers on by ___________, which additionally blurs telescopic photographs. The two stars will look like a single point of sunshine. How are wavelength, frequency, and vitality related for photons of light?

3) The stars in our sky twinkle in brightness and color due to ______. B. The radio waves from the radio station are causing electrons in your radio’s antenna to move up and down 97 million instances each second. ______________ refers to telescopic observations during which we separate an object’s mild so we will measure its depth at completely different wavelengths. It permits two or extra telescopes to acquire the angular decision of a single telescope a lot bigger than any of the person telescopes. Which of the following finest describes the event of astronomical telescopes over the previous 60 years?

A) It is a measure of how shut two point sources can be distinguished. B) It is a measure of how much power an object emits in several components of the electromagnetic spectrum. C) It is a measure of how close two spectral lines could be distinguished. A) Light air pollution is worse at radio wavelengths than visible wavelengths. C) Astronomers and engineers enjoy the problem of constructing new telescope designs.